BFit30 Testimonials

“My B-Fit30 experience was nothing short of life changing. I joined up to try and get my fitness back and to lose a couple of kgs but ended up coming out of it with so much more. Prior to the programme, I’d done a couple of APP based exercise challenges as I don’t have a gym membership, I did get something out of them but nothing that measured up to B-Fit 30.”
— Dave, University of Auckland

"I was looking for a challenge and something to keep me going through winter. BFit30 was even more than I had hoped for. I soon became addicted to the classes and even drove in 25km every Saturday morning to attend class. It was exactly the right mix of cardio and strengthening so although we were pushed, we never felt like we could not make it, instead we grew stronger and fitter. I loved the change in my body shape and for the first time I can see rather than feel that I have muscles! The trainers are the best at what they do, their expertise and passion for their work shines through and kept us all motivated- so much so that many of us have just kept going and joined in other sessions that they teach- Benefit!               - Liezl, University of Auckland

“I’d like to thank Matt and Kristy for getting me off the sofa this winter. I signed up for the 30 day BFit challenge thinking I would go a few times a week. Wrong... it was so addictive I found myself at the gym six days a week.

I also followed the food diary, I’m still eating healthily and making better food choices since the challenge has finished. I was stoked about my end results, it’s made a big difference to how I feel and I’m now ready for my mid-winter beach holiday.”
— Cherie Lamb, Crockers Property Management

"The trainers' belief and confidence in me encouraged me to push myself further whilst ensuring I was working safely for my body's physical limitations. They gave me more confidence in my own abilities. Their passion for the challenge was infectious as we found ourselves supporting each other within the class; and with that support I did my first full sit-ups ever! By the end of the challenge we were encouraging our classmates and it had become very much a family. I've already booked into the next BFit30 challenge and am counting down the days!"                                    - Jo, Property Services

“I have just completed the 30-day challenge in the BFit programme run by Kristy Robertson and Matt Newey. I took part in one of the early BFit programmes at the University of Auckland and afterwards attended consultations with Kristy to get my own, individual workout programmes that I could do early in the mornings, as that time suited me better.
In June this year when I received the BFit 30-day challenge advertisement with a starting time of 6.45am I knew that I wanted to take part again.
The careful preparation that goes into each session is obvious. They begin promptly and the pace does not let up. The participants respond accordingly and are constantly motivated. Kristy and Matt pay attention to each member of the group and are constantly assisting where necessary, praising as appropriate and encouraging. There is no end to their energy.
I am planning to sign up for the next challenge in October.”
— Janet, 72 years old

"I recently completed BFit-30 challenge with Kristy and Matt of Bene-Fit and was immediately impressed with their knowledge of all things health and fitness-related, as well as their professionalism. Classes were of a high-intensity and although daunting Kristy and Matt’s genuine enthusiasm and encouragement propelled us to challenge our bodies and develop new levels of strength with every single session. I have never felt stronger or healthier than I did at the completion of BFit-30."                                                                                                              

- Alice, University of Auckland


Testimonials from some of our Bene-Fitters...

“Feedback from staff was that they loved time with colleagues and were finally meeting some people they had only spoken to via email or phone. The collegiality between staff participating in the programme was noticeable and people started approaching me to find out more about what Bene-Fit was all about.

In talking to colleagues, they felt stronger, healthier, more supported and most of all they wanted to come to work to exercise. I cannot praise highly enough the hands on and supportive approach taken by the Bene-Fit trainers. They have worked with some from the Faculty who had never exercised before and now they are converts to living a better life with more care and attention to their exercise and their eating”.
— Jarrod Shearer, Director of Arts Faculty Operations, the University of Auckland

I’ve been amazed at the impact 2x 45min sessions a week can have. I’ve an increase in energy levels, general wellbeing has improved, as well as a significant increase in my fitness levels. In conjunction with the food diaries I’ve been so please with the results, genuinely really inspired to keep the momentum going.
— Angie, Westpac

A slideshow by Earl at the Auckland Uni Epsom Campus:

From the initial assessment Kristy and Matt gave and with their overall approach to the programm their cultural competence has been outstanding. So mindful of the diverse lifestyles, beliefs and practices people bring to Bene-Fit (e.g. ethnic foods, living arrangements, asking if it was alright to touch certain parts of the body etc).
Not even health practitioners have this type of awareness! This has been testimony to your professionalism, experience and non-threatening vibe, and well, in sum, you have done your homework I think you’re doing an awesome job and you love what you do, and heck you’re damn good at it too (it shows).
— Dr Jemima Tiatia — Research fellow, Centre of Pacific Studies, University of Auckland
                                                            Jarrod Shearer

                                                            Jarrod Shearer

"At the beginning of this year I couldn't run a km, in fact I got puffed running for the bus!  After almost a year of the Bene-fit exercise programme and Kristys's nutritional advice (which I stick too most of the time, though the odd packet of chockie biscuits gets thrown in there!)…I ran the 15km Devonport Classic on  Sunday- and felt good- and enjoyed it..even in the rain…and have recovered fast!

Thanks for the inspiration and encouragement…and for your knowledge and skills..and your senses of humour which must be critical in this work!"

- Deirdre 

I value this programme for the people element and feel encouraged and supported by my peers and also by Kristy and Matt. The programme allows me to work towards my own personal wellness objectives in an environment where I feel valued as an individual, not just another participant in a large class.
I have always enjoyed team sport, but never been keen on exercising in a gym, I have tried various classes and taken various buddies with me but motivation always wanes. This course suits.
It gives me that team feel as the classes are small and participants regular, it motivates me to work to the best of my abilities and further, and the casual first name basis of the group encourages a good laugh.
— Tia Wylie — Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, Fonterra
Really great course. Always changing programme that was challenging with two passionate and patient instructors. Would love to keep doing this course.
— Gabrielle, Westpac

From The University of Auckland Property Services Newsletter, November 2014

The benefit programme has greatly increased my physical strength and my mental stamina. Training sessions were a great way to unwind and a welcome break in the working day. After the sessions I went back to work with renewed energy. It feels great to be working in a team that values my well being and the importance of all round health for mental performance. Thank you.
— Hannah G., Westpac
I found the course extremely beneficial indeed for numerous reasons but the two biggest benefits I obtained from it were (a) learning a whole new range of useful exercises for strength and flexibility and (b) knowing what foods to eat and not to eat (and in what quantities).
— Campbell D., Westpac
The Beneffiters course was fantastic. The trainers were very motivating and I really appreciated their efforts to amend the programme for me so that I could still participate even though I am pregnant. The nutrition advice and support has also been very useful and has inspired me to make ongoing changes for a more healthier lifestyle. Thanks again for arranging this course I think everyone who attended would have gained a great deal (in health, not weight).
— Julia, Westpac
Kristy is an excellent personal trainer and a great person. She is also well respected at Auckland University and her gym classes are always packed. In October last year Matt Newey & Kristy took on 15 members from the Faculty of Arts.
The majority of us were unfit and in my case also overweight. However, through their careful guidance and patience were transformed and have continued with keeping fit and watching our diet. We even did the run around the Bays in March this year(lol). I’ve lost 16 kg and am getting fitter, so life and the results are great.
The Bene-fit programme is a huge success and Kristy and Matt now run these across the different Faculties of the University. Well done, see you guys at the next Bene-Fit programme.
Thank you so much for everything.
— Everdina Fuli, Business Manager Research, Te Whare Kura, Faculty of Arts, University of Auckland

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