We recommend...

We understand that maintaining a healthy diet can be hard to manage in a busy schedule.

Bene-Fit nutritionist Kristy of KLR BodyArchitect has discovered two fantastic services that offer healthy, affordable food, delivered - the ultimate in convenience!

We're also putting together a list of other health services we recommend here.

The people at Muscle Chow offer affordable, freshly made, health-conscious meals delivered anywhere in Auckland.

Meals are priced from $7.75 with loads of options.

Here are Kristy's 4 top meal combinations to support fat loss and lean muscle gain:

KLR lady's lunch:

100g salmon
100g kumara

KLR loaded lunch:

150g Beef
150g brown rice

KLR lean + lite dinner:

100g white fish

KLR protein hit dinner:

150g chicken
150g pumpkin

Visit www.musclechow.co.nz to place your order.

So many options to customise your muesli which is then delivered to your door!

Their website is at www.themueslihub.co.nz - enjoy!

This is a Thai massage spa that we highly rate - Kristy knows the lady who runs it from when they both worked at the Pullman hotel spa. We have tried it several times and it is very authentic.

They're located in Birkenhead on Auckland's North Shore. www.healthworldthaimassage.com