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Introducing the Bene-Fit 6 Week Programme.

We are bringing fitness plans to the workplace!

Sign up to a 6 week course of private fitness classes tailored to you and your colleagues - choose from 3x half hour sessions a week or 2x 45min sessions - structured into the working day. 

We start with a seminar, teach you the nutritional tips and provide you with a food plan - helping you to make changes that suit your lifestyle.

At the beginning and end of the 6 week course we also do fitness & wellness assessments, measuring vital stats to help you keep tabs on your progress!

Learn more about the Bene-Fit programme here.

We can also bring Bene-Fit to your workplace in one or two informative sessions:

  • Bene-Fit Nutritional Seminar & Food Plan
  • Bene-Fit Fitness / Wellness Assessments

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Outdoor Bootcamp has landed!

45 minutes, twice a week for 5 weeks in the Auckland Domain. Get back on track with those resolutions and sign up for an outdoor Bootcamp.    Contact Matt or Kristy  to book your spot.

45 minutes, twice a week for 5 weeks in the Auckland Domain. Get back on track with those resolutions and sign up for an outdoor Bootcamp.

Contact Matt or Kristy to book your spot.

Take the BFit 30 challenge!

July 1st saw the launch of the BFit 30 challenge at the Recreation Centre; a 30 day wellness initiative with a difference.

Most short term challenges are now App based and lack personal interaction and direction. We wanted to create the optimal month long challenge without compromising service delivery and still managing to keep the cost down for participants.

At an affordable $99, the programme includes daily group exercise sessions, wellness assessments, food plans and a commitment to “The 30”; a thirty point wellness-themed list, compiled to help maximise a life changing 30 day experience. It’s a mix of some easy wins and a few that will demand real effort to achieve. After all, it wouldn’t be a challenge if it wasn’t challenging!

The group exercise sessions are tailored so that those who consider themselves very unfit can still get the job done, with morning and lunchtime exercise options offered. Participants can complete 15, 30 or 45 minute sessions depending on fitness and availability.

Contact Matt or Kristy to book your spot in the next BFit30 and kick-start your wellness future!

“What most impressed me about B-Fit was how accommodating it was for the individual participants. Matt and Kristy were excellent not only in terms of keeping the workouts fresh and offering encouragement, but ensuring each of us were able to work to the best of our abilities in the timeframe we had whether it was 15, 30 or 45 minutes. I would and have recommended this programme to anyone looking for a kickstart to their health and fitness. Matt and Kristy make it straightforward, supportive and the results are almost immediately obvious.”
— Tim, University of Auckland
“Upon taking up the BFit30 challenge, I had tried many different meal programmes and eating plans and inevitably failed. BFit30 let me eat a range of foods I already loveed and exercise at my convenience. It taugh me to be responsible for myself and that eating right doesn’t have to be boring and hard. It also really kick started my goal of looking and feeling better.”
— Brooke

Wellness solutions in your workplace.

Hold your next staff meeting on spin bikes!

Matt's Staff Wellness initiative at the University of Auckland Recreation Centre,  featured in the NZ Herald, has offered an exercise twist to regular office meetings, trading in the desk and chairs for exercycles. 

Following similar projects overseas, particularly in the corporate sector, spin meetings not only get people active but help build camaraderie between teams. The project has already been put to work by departments in the University, with great results. Director of Operations in the Faculty of Arts, Jarrod Shearer, says he noticed how much more fun and relaxed the staff seemed, as well as a noticeable improvement in the quality of ideas that came from the meeting. This combination of people and spin bikes threw out strange, wonderful and exciting new suggestions for courses and its result was a professional development fortnightly meeting that was described as the best the faculty had done”. 

Read more about the spin meeting initiative, or contact Matt for more information on getting set up.

Nutrition at your desk

Another new initiative catered to help wellness in your workplace! Kristy now offers personal nutritional coaching visits in your office, at your desk, either individually or as a team. From as little as $15 per person per week, the sessions are efficient, personal and private, and include weigh-ins, measurements and food plan coaching.

Contact Kristy today for a quote based on your needs and get your nutrition on track.

“The Nutrition at your desk initiative was delivered to my team earlier this year. We are in a busy work environment so enjoyed the fact that this initiative was time-smart. It meant that our small team of five from Sport and Recreation could be taken through the programme together. We were all accountable to each other because we all had the same information and knew the ‘do’s and don’ts’ of Kristy’s advice. We could also come up with group meal ideas and do shared lunches once a week in our office space. The bad habits that we used to have dissipated and good ones crept in and stuck around. It has also assisted with sustainability of healthy eating habits long after the programme officially finished.”
— Albie, Sport Manager

Who are we?

We are a group of fitness professionals who love to make a difference in the lives and health of the people around us. 

Co-directors Kristy and Matt came up with the concept for Bene-Fit as a way to overcome many of the barriers to health people face in their lives - by structuring time for fitness into the working week, and offering built-in nutritional advice and physical assessments. 

Kristy, Matt, Lisa and Ron encompass a wide range of specialisations within the fields of fitness, nutrition, sports health and dance.

Read more about the Bene-Fit team...

Our additional group fitness classes...

In addition to the Bene-Fit programme, some of our trainers take group fitness classes at the University of Auckland Sport & Rec Center - these classes are free with gym membership and we encourage you to come along - no booking required!

Our current classes are:

Click image to enlarge

Mon 12.05pm  - pump (Matt)

Tues 12:15pm - spin (Kristy)

Tues  1:05pm - pump (Kristy)

Wed   7:30am - spin (Matt)

Fri      7:30am  - spin (Matt)

Fri     1:05pm - stretch (Lisa)

Sat     8:30am - pump (Kristy) 

We understand that maintaining a healthy diet can be hard to manage in a busy schedule.

Bene-Fit nutritionist Kristy of KLR BodyArchitect has discovered two fantastic services that offer healthy, affordable food, delivered - the ultimate in convenience.

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